Incredible Truths About Sex Revealed By Researchers

“Numerous Researchers have shown facts, benefits and misconceptions about human sexuality and sex in their discoveries.Since, sex has become the regular part our sexual partners’ life therefore, through this blogs I would to share interesting facts about sex and all about misconceptions as well as benefits of regular sex”

Millions Questions were asked in the surveys to people both married and none married in all over the world and they proclaimed the same thing that was the positivity about sex.

It shows that sex plays one of the most necessary roles in their relationship and sexual life.

Such activity (sex) is not only the way for pretending your feelings as well as love with your partners but also the way of getting the sexual satisfaction have been announced in researches.

Friends these all the points would uncertainly help you to improve your sexual life.

After reading these all the myths and benefits about sex, you will able to know the unheard interesting facts about sex and intimacy with your partner.


Memorable pleasure of life

Heard right friends!  Sex is the memorable pleasure for both of the couples.

Since, during having sex the two human bodies get in physical touch Henceforth it has become the memorable sexual activity which creates the emotional and physical intimacy with your partner.

Apart from this, it’s the part of having enjoyed with the happiest relationship without any conflicts and stress.

Sex and orgasm

For having a better sex it’s is must to have the fuller excitement and desire which is considered as orgasm.

In other words orgasm is the sexual activity as well as libido to have sex especially occurs during sex which can make sex more enjoyable.

During having orgasm both of the men and women may get many sexual benefits due to the hormonal secretion.

Masturbate can’t replace sex

Even masturbation is safe and healthy activity than sex then also it can’t substitute sex.

Since, Masturbation is self loving and stimulating activity of the genitals which may little bit satisfies you sexually but not as much as sex could! I have spent a long period of my life with women who told me the thing about their sexuality.

Sex without precautions may create medical condition

Even if there is negative impact of sex over human body but sometimes having sex may create the risk of STDs and other medical conditions.

Avoiding protections such as condoms, unhygienic body as well as having STDs would impacts your sexual health therefore IF you are not expecting the child must use condoms with the hygienic body during sex.

Another precaution is the most important which insist to not having sex if you have any symptoms of STDs.

Long lasting sex matters?

Off course it does!

According to me there wouldn’t be a single guy who doesn’t want to have long time sex everyone want their sexual timing long with no difficulties even I want such a sexual desire as well.

Since, according the men being long lasting is the way for pretending their manhood in other words.

The man who can have sex with the long duration be able to please their lady sexually.

Size of the dick

Both sex and size of your dick are related with each other, for the size of male’s penis decide their sexual performance.

It has been researched by the scientist and sexologists that a man with around 5.58 inches penis size can enjoy their sexual activity without any inability of having sex.

Since, a small dick takes a long time for having sufficient erection whereas the men with the big size can have multiple times of earlier erection.

More often sex!

Millions of blogs and articles affirm the same thing that more often sex or we can regular sex may create many harmful conditions which have been truly wrong by the scientists.

Even though it’s not fully wrong since, some people who have doesn’t follow the precautions and have unhygienic sex regularly may be the patient of STDs whereas there are uncountable numbers of sexual benefits are present here for sex.

Henceforth, both of the couples must follow some precautions especially hygienic body before sex at that time they would be able to have sex more often.

Try to generate sexual libido

Generating sexual libido can turn your body on for having sex which is considered as the desire and excitement of sex.

By thinking about sex as well as watching sex scenes inspire your MIND fully for sex, for human mind is known as the most power sexual organ.

Another interesting fact about sex is that the libido of sex makes it more actionable and pleasurable moment of life.

Want to know Benefits of regular sex! Check out these all the points carefully.

  • Enhance the memory of the women without any negative impacts.
  • Trying healthy as well as hygienic sex reduce the risk of having STDs.


However, you might have heard many misapprehensions over the internet or anywhere about sex the thing you need to do is avoiding these misconceptions.

Therefore my Friends you don’t need to have any guilt or shame for your sexual desire. Enjoy your sexual life with the safe and healthy sex.

This blog is based over the researches of the sexologist and the scientist who has introduced us with the truth behind the sex.

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