Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is the issue in which the woman doesn’t agree to be physical, it occurs when a woman is not able to fully, healthy, and pleasurable experience some or all of the various physical stages the body normally experiences during sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction also includes painful intercourse, Sexual dysfunction has the numerous causes in a woman. It is the very serious issue that is suffered by both man and woman. The market is full of the product to cure the sexual dysfunction in order to resolve the problems. Female sexual dysfunction is actually quite common. Some woman has lack of desire is the most common of female sexual dysfunctions in which the woman interest and willingness on sexual performance. Woman have the willingness to be physical, but they have difficulty with arousal or are unable to become physical or maintain arousal during sexual activity. Sexual pain disorder is found in the woman. They have pain associated with sexual stimulation or vaginal contact.


Female sexual dysfunction is being related to physical factors and psychological factors it can also be related to the problems of with technique. Some women never fulfill their wishes, experience sexual arousal, and orgasm because they or their partners have lack sexual knowledge. Some woman has the diseases for example kidney failure, health and blood vessels disease these are the reason for the sexual dysfunction. Woman have the hormonal imbalance this may cause these problems.

Some partner has the Conflict, tension, and incompatibility with their relationship. It can cause sexual dysfunction. Medications and antihypertensive are very common causes of sexual dysfunction. If you use these medicines so you must use the doctor’s advice.

There are many conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or muscular dystrophy can have an effect on sexual desire and ability. Smoking and obesity are negative on sexual arousal in women. Usually, man remains sexually active and experience orgasms throughout their lives. Woman sexual activity decreases after age 45 in today’s modern scenario.

A couple should manage their relationship and try to make the understanding of each other. They should try most comfortable Experiment with different sex position to find the most comfortable ones. A couple should try to spend time with each other if they have enough time. The issue of misunderstanding is commonly seen in the couple so, they need to talk and listen to each other and try to talk clearly about to be physical. You can use some easy treatment at home find some helpful places to take help, medications some of the treatment surgery might be required etc.

A woman undergoing medical treatment and using medication various physiological conditions may have the impact on sexual desire that may cause sexual dysfunction. The doctor works for you to correct that problem. A common cause of dysfunction is the hormonal imbalance. Women can try to take hormone therapy for the hormonal balance. If your dysfunction is related to a medication so your doctor will be able to cure with different medication that won’t interfere with your sexual activity.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction in woman

People should take the suggestion from the sexologist, physician, counselor, and specialist by which he or she will be able to know the reason his or her sexual weakness or dysfunction.

You may have many options for treatment after the doctor suggested. Your doctor may tell the risks and benefits of all the treatment and it will best option for you. You also can take help from your partner.

Your doctor can help you in particular situation to detect which is the best choice for you. If medicinal treatment does not work you need to concentrate on your doctor some medications might also be dangerous if you:

You can take the injection in dose to get the relief from the sexual dysfunction because the needle used is very fine, pain from the injection site is usually minor. You should the side of this medicinal treatment before using the treatment. Estrogen is the female hormone we must know how to increase the capacity of this hormone. We can ask about it from our doctor. The capacity of the hormone can be increased by the food. So it depends on yourself what do you eat is it good or not? Or the quantity of the female hormone can be increased or not.

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